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Why Choose Us?

 Psychologically, any end user or potential new fan of your band is 76% more likely to click “Follow” if they see that you already have a base foundation of followers – you know how hard it is to gain that initial traction when you are starting out trying to make a name for yourself, and this to us is the most imperative use of our services, especially for bands / djs / producers, we can help eliminate that transition of getting enough attention going in one direction where naturally new & dedicated fans will begin to come and join your fanbase, it really is an exciting new-age service which is revolutionizing the way people break into many multi-faceted different niche groups, both from an artist & a management/marketing perspective.

Who are we?

The Cheap Followerz network is now in its 7th year of business, a figure which 99.9% of the competition cannot say.  Starting from humble beginnings, we have collectively grown into one of the top 5 Social media Marketing Providers on the internet today. With a 99.6% Positive Overall Feedback Rating out of 650,000+ transactions to date, we take pride in our work! Proudly we offer the most competitive prices on followers which can be found online, without sacrificing on Customer Support.

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We are the reliable social media marketing experts, having a combined 25+ years of experience and  specializing in Twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest & Youtube marketing. The biggest difference between our network and the other guys is we are 100% verified/trusted/reviewed Providers of Followers, we are not Resellers! Cheap Followerz actually own the intellectual property exclusively available through our unique programs which we work around the clock to maintain. This means you can expect the highest quality service & followers on every single one of your orders. With The Cheap Followerz network constantly looking to expand our horizons, nowhere else will you find the attention to detail which we can provide.



How do I buy Twitter Followers?


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If you have made it here, you have probably asked yourself at some point, How do all of these celebs / musicians / bloggers get all of these huge twitter follower counts, seemingly with no effort? The answer is simple, they buy them. Studies in social psychology have shown that an end-user you are targeting is 3 times more likely to follow you if you already appear to have an established network for whatever it is you are promoting. You could be a celebrity / new band or just a regular personal user.

Buying Twitter Followers Cheap is the easiest and most effective way to establish your presence in the social media marketing world! We offer the cheapest prices on twitter followers that you will find ANYWHERE else on the net. We can do this because we are Providers, NOT resellers!

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Cheap Followerz Affiliate Program

As Providers of these social media services, we offer another unique program within our network which has seen fantastic results. Wecurrently have over 250+ active affiliates getting daily sales through our Affiliate program. It is absolutely Free to sign up with and with a high enough conversion rating you can earn up to 65% Rev share on EVERY Sale!

Cheap Followerz Twitter Follower Affiliate Program


This is the easiest way to make $$ on the net – the product sells itself! All you do is get your unique affiliate link – Promote it – And your done. The links are all tracked through our affiliate dashboard which you will have access to, and all sales updated every hour. Our payment system is currently NET15 & only via PayPal. Sign up and Sell some Twitter Followers for cheap!

Meet The CheapFollowerz Team:

Cheap Followerz Staff Photo

*From left to right: Silas, Amanda, Jon, Mihai, Annabelle

Jon – Director & Celebrity Accounts Mgmt

Annabelle – Director of Customer Service / Account Mgmt

Mihai – Public Relations / Marketing

Silas – Logistics / Order Processing

Amanda – Accounting / Customer Service