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Whos Buying Twitter Followers in 2018?

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Whos Buying Twitter Followers in 2018?

Buying Twitter Followers – Online Friendship at a Cheaper Price

We live in a world today where not everything is as it seems. Where even the President of the United States buying followers on Twitter after he was inaugurated in order to create the image of their being a huge influx in his ‘supporters’… so who is still buying twitter followers in 2018 & why would you buy twitter followers in 2018?

By now, we are already aware how social media has become an invaluable online marketing component when building a strong customer base, in brand recognition, and SEO. And while everyone loves every aspect of social media, Twitter is undoubtedly among the most popular networks where folks buzz in these days.

Getting many Twitter followers is every Twitter user’s goal, why else would they “Twit” if no one’s following or listening to them. But to get numerous followers is never easy though, which led some businesses and other individuals to consider buying Twitter followers. A simple swipe of your credit card is all it takes to gather your very own legions of mindless Twitter drones.

Buying Twitter followers makes you look more like a boss, makes you appear more important! The truth is social media activities are mostly plain narcissism; any person who pats himself on his back whenever his newest Instagram post nets more than 10 likes is more likely to be tempted to try and buy Twitter followers.

Better yet, this should suit businesses, especially with a newfound ability to label this self-promotion tactic as branding. But while the idea that your online presence’s value can be summarized by the number of your Twitter followers may seem ridiculous to many, there is no denying that the following often correlates to your importance. A good example would be event speakers or clubs and venues that book and host comedians, bands, etc. A good Twitter following should easily put them ahead and above the competition.

This applies even if your followers are fake, since the clout that surrounds high Twitter following plays a big impact. Amateur comedians or bands can launch themselves to superstardom by boosting their Twitter followers, while small businesses can make themselves an authoritative force, becoming experts in their respective niches.

It’s also much cheaper as compared to other techniques in improving online presence with the help of social media. In fact, buying your followers is a lot easier than sitting down on it with your mind drawn out in earning them. To earn followers takes a lot of investment in terms of time and effort. Consistency in sharing fresh and relevant content is also a must.


Buying followers is easy; you simply need to choose among various approaches to accomplish it. You could try purchasing cheap and fake Twitter followers for starters, though the more economical Twitter services will provide you with fake bot followers only. To purchase Twitter followers in cheap ways mean you will only get bland and faceless “bot” accounts – your generated followers. The more expensive services will provide you of course with more polished profiles, complete with filled pics and bios.

If going fake is not your thing, then you can purchase real Twitter followers instead. You are going to have to invest your money here as well since it is not as cheap as the fake followers. You can purchase your way to real followers via Twitter follower software (buying targeted Twitter followers). This particular software is designed to search and find Twitter users with similar interests automatically. The program is also set to follow these accounts right away, in the hopes that these accounts will follow you back as well.


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